Play History Your Way

Command, Compete and Conquer

Play history your way in an innovative Historical Free To Play collectible trading card game and Augmented Reality adventure coming to Desktop and Mobile. Compete against other Seekers in our PVP modes and brave the forces of history in our single player campaigns!

BYGONE revolutionizes the card game formula by introducing elements of strategy games with the unique mechanic of Resource Points, changing the deck building experience forever.

Unveil rifts to a bygone era and collect in game rewards in an epic augmented reality adventure between two opposing factions to control the flow of history and time.

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Game Modes

International Augmented Reality Events

Explore time rifts to unveil the secrets of bygone eras. Collect keys that unlock special game modes. Participate in limited time events at major historical sites in your vicinity to meet historical figures and learn about their roles in the past and gain special in-game rewards!

Bygone in-game card trading explanation

Seeing Double ?

We are committed to providing our players with a real free to play experience through our market system. Nothing in BYGONE is 100% gated! You can acquire premium currency through trade on the marketplace or by buying it from the store, and spend it in either.


Trade your cards for premium currency on our in game marketplace, or trade premium currency to buy powerful cards from other players and complete your decks.

Bygone Store

Unlock Hero skins, card packs, board skins, emotes and more in our in-game store with premium currency. Express your style and show-off your power in a truly free to play format.

History First

History is a thread that connects the human race, binding us through time and space. We wanted BYGONE's faction designs to truly reflect what we currently know about each civilization's history. Of course some small liberties may be taken for a small bit of flavor however we want to pledge that we will be taking a History first approach to the design of every card and element of the game!

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Japanese faction icon


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Few would expect a small phoenician colony to become a relentless power of the Mediterranean basin. Yet, the unyielding power of Carthage left behind an epic legacy with its navy, trade, and balanced armies. Conquer your enemies with the powers of those that almost brought mighty empires to ruins.


Might, Technology, Politics. The Romans built upon these pillars one of the most influential empires in history. Boasting an incredibly disciplined army, incredible advances in civil engineering, architecture and governmental programs the like of which had never been seen in their day. Take command of powerful legions to conquer and dominate your opponents.


Among he greatest artisans, designers and thinkers of their time. The Mayans built massive ceremonial monuments that stand to this day, and mapped the movement of the celestial bodies to develop some of the most accurate calendar systems. Arm yourself with the knowledge of the heavens! Stay one step ahead of your opponent at all times never allow them an avenue for attack and no room for defense!


One of the greatest seafaring civilizations to have ever lived, praised for their craftsmanship and feared for their raids. Harness the skills of the first European explorers that set foot on the American continent and unleach the ruthlessness of these proud and merciless fighters.


The land of the rising sun. Japan was a civilization with large ambitions never letting its limitations be a hindrance, instead it always used that to fuel its innovation. Make use of powerful units to protect, attack and press on with unwavering steel will and unshakable honor!

Our Future Plans


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Good luck Seekers

History awaits